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Freedom with Lower Bills

We have all seen how Utility Companies can increase your rates every year and on average, across all of America, they typically raise 4%-6%. Switching to solar puts you in the drivers seat to determine what your fixed monthly cost will be without the headache of those seasonal high bills.


The Power is Yours to Hold and Use

Divine Energy offers you smarter energy solutions for your house.

Increased Home Value

Divine Energy can help with your home appraisals too. These conclusions are as plain as the sunshine on a clear day. According to the LBNL (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) report, each 1-kilowatt (kW) increase in rooftop solar system size adds $5,911 to a home's resale value. As well as reports from Zillow claim that homes with Solar sell on average 15-20% faster than those that don't.


Environmental Reach

Solar lowers the need to use polluting energy sources such as coal or gas. Solar Homeowners become environmental stewards by preventing an enormous amount of CO2 from entering the atmosphere simply by converting to Solar. Solar houses help to conserve our forests, lakes, and rivers by conserving energy, preserving trees, and reducing pollutants.

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