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The Divine Story

Limitless Possibilities

Here at Divine Energy, we are hiring far and wide across all 50 states to come and take part in some revolutionary and completely abstract compared to what the average Solar-team may look like. We offer you the most competitive pay and to work from the comfort of your home, offices in Arizona, and in more than 22 different states. We have a goal to change the industry around on a scale unheard of....Now what are you waiting for?



Join our team to help shift the way homeowners and families view renewable energy into something positive and attractive. Not only can you help homeowners save money and preserve happiness, but furthermore increase their property rates and transform their home selling into something worthwhile. 


We are sweeping across the 50 beautiful, gorgeous states we reside in. Starting in California and making our way onwards to the east coast; no matter who you are or where you may be, we have a place for you.

What We Do

Divine Energy conducts energy evaluations across a multitude of states using a fact-driven teaching strategy, with the ultimate result being an industry-leading customer satisfaction level.

Image by Eden Constantino
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